Every year around this time, I reflect on how amazing it is to be able to do what we do. We get to live in a great country full of opportunities and we get to do as much or as little as we want (and are accountable for that). We are surrounded by loving friends and family who support us in faith, life, and business. We have incredible resources like Tim Ferriss’ latest book, Tribe of Mentors and many others. Organizations like EGBI.org, Texas State University, Houston Tillotson College and many others that help train and empower business owners…There are leadership programs like the www.Gahcc.org Hispanic Austin Leadership that has a tremendous impact on the community and builds next-generation leaders. It really is amazing how blessed we are and how much we can contribute to the world around us.

The first part of the year was hard for our company because we made some changes that did not go exactly as planned, some projects did not happen and we added new solutions that took us on a new journey and I focused more on training. As often happens in business, some things work well, others work OK and a few are faith-building experiences that make us stronger. The good news is that we are ending the year in the black. The better news is that we have more amazing clients who are creating jobs for Austin families, and the best news is that we are better positioned to contribute to the thriving Austin economy. We are able to help and support our clients better than before.

Our team cares about the wellbeing of our clients and their staff.  We have great relationships with clients and their staff. We worry about the virus epidemic and the theft of important data, slow systems, and budgets. So we work hard to offer affordable solutions that make sense. Many times we are rewarded by messages like the one from Kristen:

“To say that hiring The Critical Update has changed our business life almost overnight would be an understatement. I came to work this morning and actually cried happy tears.”

As Christmas gets closer, I want to say thank you and let you know how honored I am (on behalf of everyone at The Critical Update) to serve you. We will continue to find solutions to provide peace of mind and help your team focus on revenue-generating activities. We will remember how important relationships are and will serve you with integrity and pride.

We are always available to explore how you can help your team, just give us a call or email. For example, our latest bundle is aimed at companies with 2 to 50 employees and addresses the key areas that threaten the well-being of your business:

  • +G Suite Business for email, calendar, contacts, file sharing, productivity, encryption and security measures to meet compliance needs (HIPAA, FINRA, PCI, etc) for as little as $10 a month per user.
  • +Security Awareness Training to help your staff learn how to better protect your network and data from hackers and threats.
  • +Web filter to block dangerous websites and filter malicious content.
  • +Actively Managed endpoint protection to guard against viruses and malware.
  • +Patch management for Windows and Apple computers to help plug the holes that software invariably has and hackers exploit so successfully.
  • +Software inventory and health monitoring of your computer systems.

All of the above help address the most common issues and provide a solid base to build upon. It is also an entry point to secure your business. Then we can add Managed Phone Systems, faster Internet, End User support and a lot of other great services to help run your business more effectively.

We wish you continued success, blessings and much love from friends and families. May your next adventures be prosperous and fun. Call 512.336.2970 or fill out the form online to explore how we may be of service.

We appreciate your referrals and continued support.

Luis Delgado and your team at The Critical Update.

Luis Delgado

Luis Delgado


Luis Delgado is a father, husband, community resource, speaker, and entrepreneur who founded The Critical Update, inc (TCUINC) in 2003. TCUINC is a business and technology consulting firm that has evolved from basic computer support to affordable technology consulting, network management, outsourced IT and cybersecurity. Our clients are from every industry in Central Texas - for profit and not for profit.

Luis is focused on helping business owners create more jobs for Texas families by addressing compliance and productivity needs.