We like the idea of safety and security.

Basic Common sense is the reason why you do not to leave your valuables in plain sight and lock your vehicle when you leave it parked in a public space. You don’t go to the shopping mall and leave your wallet on the dashboard, laptop in the back seat and windows rolled down, right? You know that doing something like this is an open invitation for some unsavory character to take your valuables. So, why do this with your computers and risk exposing your customers’ data?

Since 2003, we have worked with a lot of busy professionals and have noticed that (unfortunately) many are ignoring the threats to their systems and client information. We have found computers with no antivirus protection, running with full administrative rights and users browsing the web without any filters. That is an invitation to disaster…A TICKING TIME BOMB! Although it may not be intentional, overlooking basic security practices can be very costly (especially if your business shows up in the 6 o’clock news and you get sued by your customers!)

The most successful business professionals we run into, surround themselves with a team to help them with law, taxes, compliance and reach out to us to take technology management. This is done in order to focus on the tasks that generate revenue and to show that you have taken steps to address security concerns.

Our process is simple. First, we review how computers are used, how data flows and how things are protected. Then, we offer solutions that are affordable and take care of the core needs to protect data from hackers and viruses. We are flexible and can get as sophisticated as you need. Security is a personal journey for each busy professional. Having a guide who understands business makes a big difference.

You are the most important resource to your business, surround yourself with a team who can complement you. We are available to talk about how we may be able to help. Dial 512.336.2970 x102 or email Luis@TheCriticalUpdate.com.

Our basic service (below) has options for your firm to address the key cybersecurity issues and concerns. Every business is different, so we can make time to customize a solution that fits your needs, from security subscriptions to managed firewalls and technicians on a regular schedule. You lead the way and we support you!

It is all preventable with simple tools.

All too often, we receive calls from people who were hacked, got their files encrypted and need to pay the ransom.

Q: What am I signing up for?

That is a great question (so glad you asked)! The basic cybersecurity subscription provides MANAGED security services for PC or MAC that includes protection against hackers, viruses, ransomware and software vulnerabilities. See the detailed list in the blue box below.

We ask for a 12-month subscription with an option to end it after 90 days without cancellation charges.


What about all the news about security attacks from foreign countries, ransomware and email threats?

There has been an increase in vulnerabilities as more and more people gain access to the Internet. What used to be easy to catch, has now become complex and elaborate schemes that lurk on the web. 

We use industry leading solutions and trained teams who help protect our clients from threats.

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“We highly recommend Luis and his team!"

“Not only are they quick to respond to, and fix, a problem, but their fees are very reasonable. We do not trust anyone else with our IT security. We consider The Critical Update to be our IT business partner!”

Stephanie W. Co-founder WorkplaceFactfinders.com

We know that every single business that uses computers and is connected to the Internet is vulnerable to attacks from hackers, viruses and other threats. A news story from 2016 documents how one hacker found thousands of machines, some with patient information and other sensitive data completely OPEN to anyone running a simple port scan: Hacker Port Scan Article.

When we ask business owners their reaction if their company name showed up on the six o’clock news after finding out that client information was compromised, everyone shows grave concern…but what we keep finding is that most people freeze and hope for the best. So nothing is done and the threat remains.

Did you know that there is software that can filter a lot of the threats that will hit your browser? 

Did you know that there are devices that can replace your router and offer a security subscription with advanced threat protection? 

Of course, you did not know and that is perfectly normal! Just like we are focused on cybersecurity and technology support, you focus on what you do best.

OK, these are trick questions because if you are focused on growing your business, then someone you work with should make you aware of these…Someone that can bring technology and review options from a business perspective is very helpful.


"Luis and his team are very professional"

in assisting in boo-boo moments.”

Nancy F. Owner at Team Fierro

Managed Cyber security for Business Professionals

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What do Experts recommend to increase security and prevent breaches?

There is a basic set of tools that EVERY PC or MAC user should have in order to reduce the threats that try to steal customer information:

  • An anti-virus license with advanced end-point protection and team to manage it.
  • An anti-malware license – and back office team to manage it.
  • Health monitoring of your hard drive, performance, and an inventory of installed software. – to alert us when your drive is about to fail and to use for your technology inventory.
  • Patch management – to prevent viruses like the Petya from hitting your systems. Our team tests patches and then deploys them to our managed systems to help reduce the chance of an update affecting your system.
  • Remote Access software – included for our team to be able to provide remote access when needed (labor billed separately).
  • Web filter on each managed computer – to help reduce phishing attacks and block malicious traffic.
  • Security Awareness Training – this is by far the most valuable investment any business owner can make to teach users how to protect client information.

We have seen the impact of ransomware and how costly it is to recover from an incident and would like for you to have some peace of mind. After all, you are the key to making everything work in your business and I bet being the techie was not exactly your dream job. So we are asking you to let us take cybersecurity off your plate and handle it for you. What would you do with that time? Probably increase revenues…


Perhaps you are thinking; why can’t I just get an antivirus subscription on my own and save some money? 

That is a great point! Unfortunately, we have found that without a back office team actively engaged in how the security is working it is just an invitation to disaster. Think of it this way, you get a team of experts for pennies a day and you don’t have to worry about it.

Managed Cyber security for Business Professionals

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"The Critical Update is a technology firm you can trust

from the character of its people to their knowledge and performance. I had an issue pop up with my business laptop which left it inoperable, and thus would have left me inoperable the next business day. The Critical Update team evaluated and fixed my laptop the same day, and I haven’t had any problems since!”

Renee C. CPA

Let’s say you are an independent professional that has a personal laptop that is used to enter client information into a secure web portal. How do you know if your machine is free of malware or loggers that can capture your keystrokes? How do you know if the patches you skipped last month left your computer vulnerable to being a bot for a criminal organization? How do you know if your antivirus is working and being updated? You can subscribe for as little as $25.99 for an individual. This plan is designed for busy professionals who are mobile or work independently. Lawyers, Financial and Accounting Professionals that work from home can simply choose the subscription level that best fits your needs:

Managed Cyber security for Business Professionals

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“"The Critical Update inc saved me from a data loss disaster"

and continues to be responsible for monitoring my computer health and security. The team is honest, affordable and works diligently to get the best possible result.”

Krista C. Attorney at Law