As you have heard by now, Computer researchers have recently found out that the main chip in most modern computers—the CPU/processor—has a hardware bug. It’s really a design flaw in the hardware that has been there for years. This is a big deal because it affects almost every computer in operation (including your workstation and servers).

This hardware bug allows malicious programs to steal data that is being processed in your computer memory. Normally, applications are not able to do that because they are isolated from each other and the operating system. This hardware bug breaks that isolation.
So, if the bad guys are able to get malicious software running on your computer, they can get access to your passwords stored in a password manager or browser, your emails, instant messages and even business-critical documents. Not good.

Now, the articles we have read state that it would be extremely difficult for an attacker to execute this attack. It is a theoretical attack [click here to read full article], but as users we need to be aware and do what we can to protect our networks and client information.
able and necessary.

So, What Are We Doing About This?

We need to update and patch all machines on the network. This is going to take some time, some of the patches are not even available yet, but we are monitoring. Our patch management tools are ready as soon as the patches are available.

Tell your staff to be extra vigilant, with security top of mind and Think Before You Click. No need to be paranoid, just be aware and practice safe computer use.

To implement a Security Awareness Campaign, please fill out the form at and we can talk about what makes sense for your firm. Most of these campaigns can be deployed for under $99 a month for a team of 20 people, including our web filter agent for Mac or PC. We can also schedule a time to patch your systems and identify areas of concern that may need to be corrected. It is all extremely affordable and necessary.

Luis Delgado

Luis Delgado


Luis Delgado is a father, husband, community resource, speaker, and entrepreneur who founded The Critical Update, inc (TCUINC) in 2003. TCUINC is a business and technology consulting firm that has evolved from basic computer support to affordable technology consulting, network management, outsourced IT and cybersecurity. Our clients are from every industry in Central Texas - for profit and not for profit.

Luis is focused on helping business owners create more jobs for Texas families by addressing compliance and productivity needs.