Our Clients have such wonderful things to say about The Critical Update and our work.

Luis is AWESOME! He is very attentive to our business and to all our IT needs. I have dealt with several other IT companies and by far Lus and his company are the BEST!! He is on his way to a great future in the IT business and I am glad to call him a partner in business.
Cameron Corbin, Inflatable Wonderland

I met Luis through our Balcones Prosperity Breakfast club. Our networking group provides a forum to meet great independent businessmen like Luis. His assistance in keeping my computer updated and backing up my data is invaluable. I constantly bombard him with questions and he promptly responds. For those of us who did not grow up with a PC or Notebook, he is a God Send.

Martin Gonzalez, The Weekend Pro

Luis has always been the guy that helps out just for the pure satisfaction. His business and talents are just the tip of the iceberg. He has a big heart with lots to offer friends and clients. I truly believe he will do great things in life and wish him all the best!

Luis is fabulous! He helped debug my computer and I have had no more problems since. I’m sure he’ll keep helping lots of people in the future. Go, Luis! You rock!!!
Maria salas

Luis has the courage and passion to do what he enjoys the most. With his talents and good heart, he can continue to help more people through his company.

Not everybody works in something they love, but Luis does what he loves the most: Help people and computers. I know for sure all Luis’ clients are very happy with his work. He is an excellent person, very service oriented and very respectful.

i have known Luis for over ten years now and i would have to say he is one of the greatest people i know. he has the upmost respect for people and is always there for anyone who needs his help.

Luis is a very helpful, easy-going, fun person. He likes what he does and loves to help people save money where they can. Thumbs up for Luis!
Karina Castano

I have known Luis for quite a few years. He embodies the essence of integrity and has tremendous business sense. He not only resolves IT issues, but sincerely cares about his clients. You don’t find too many companies that you can call the owner for assistance, but with Luis’s company, “The Critical Update”, you don’t have to call often with any issues. He is top notch and deserves the best.

Luis is an excellent businessman and always does a great job at a fantastic price. I had a laptop that I had spent upwards of 500 dollars to remove viruses….nothing helped. Luis got it fixed in a day for 85 dollars. I wasn’t sure if I should be mad at the “other” guys or mad at Luis for not finding me sooner! If you are looking for an IT department with great expertise at a fantastic price, I highly recommend Luis and his “Critical Update”.
Keith Ruberg

Luis is running a business which he masters, bringing the final user much more of the service they are paying for, as well as he is trying to give his employees a sustainable and good income. I think that’s what makes him the best option. He goes further for the employer, as well as he is willing to do so for his employees, the growth of The Critical Update would result in a great benefit for all his existing clients, and will bring the opportunity for more people to experience a good, honest, and top of the line service provider.

Luis is not just trying to get ahead himself; he is dedicated to helping those around him succeed too.

I’ve known Luis for many years – his drive to succeed has always been strong, but his desire to help others has galvanized his efforts to make his dream – his business – a reality. Luis represents the utmost in honesty, integrity, and service to others – the growth of The Critical Update would be a true asset to the Austin community. Luis is doing – and will continue to do – great things!
Melissa Avery

Luis automatic back up program had been a life saver!

Luis is fantastic in his role as an entrepreneur. He understands the value of relationship networking, giving referrals and resources to others he meets. While I’ve not used his services personally, I’ve only heard A+ testimonials from others who have.

Luis is great and his service to his clients is top notch!

Luis knows what he is doing and loves doing it. He has helped me out of several jams.

Helping others is obviously a passion for Luis

Luis is very knowledgable in the business he provides services for. He has great business sense and knows how to provide above average quality service to his customers.

Luis really knows the IT Business. He has the spirit and the personality to bring people and their networks together.

Luis Delgado is a wonderful business man. He finds ways for his customers to win as well as his business to profit and grow.