Cybersecurity can be a confusing challenge to tackle. Many businesses ignore it all together, although they know deep inside that it is a ticking time bomb.
We know that regardless of how many tools and dollars are invested in protecting customer data, the biggest threat is always the human in front of the computer

[Case Studies]. There are countless stories of employees who click on a link and compromise thousands of customer or patient records.

 Over the years, tools have improved to help business managers address this dangerous issue. Some are “set it and forget it” and others require a little more planning. However, all these tools can make a huge difference in keeping data secure.

 One great free resource is the FTC’s blog on phishing [], it has practical information to help train staff on how to handle possible phishing attempts and where to report them.

 Another great resource is our “done for you” basic cybersecurity. This service is meant to address the core threats that most business managers need to worry about. Visit to learn more.

At the very least, get your computers backed up. Here is an inexpensive option that you can install yourself with little effort.

 Either way, make sure to use the tools available and do not ignore the ticking time bomb that can shut a business down…and compromise thousands of your customer information records.

 As always, we are here to help if you have questions. Feel free to call or fill out our contact us form.

Luis Delgado

Luis Delgado


Luis Delgado is a father, husband, community resource, speaker, and entrepreneur who founded The Critical Update, inc (TCUINC) in 2003. TCUINC is a business and technology consulting firm that has evolved from basic computer support to affordable technology consulting, network management, outsourced IT and cybersecurity. Our clients are from every industry in Central Texas - for profit and not for profit.

Luis is focused on helping business owners create more jobs for Texas families by addressing compliance and productivity needs.