According to a recent report by the Protenus Breach Barometer [hacking incident report], there were 33 healthcare breaches that were disclosed in August affecting close to 675K patient records.

[Cybersecurity Breach Report] The report also mentions that there is a consistent trend of one data breach per day, on average.

The largest was due to ransomware and affected over 250K patient records. Half of the patient records were compromised by hackers, one-third was affected by insiders, and the remaining breaches were due to loss, theft or unknown causes.

Who reported these breaches?

The type of businesses that reported these breaches were health plans, business associates or vendors, a pharmacy and a private school.

This provides key information on the importance for every type of organization to take steps to protect the customer, patient, and student information. What we have found is that many organizations are taking some measures but not implementing a comprehensive plan, either because they lack the expertise or because they are not asking for help from a trusted technology consultant.


What is recommended?

Implementing a cybersecurity plan to protect against ransomware, hackers and data loss due to employees does not have to be complicated or expensive.


At the core of this solution, we need to make sure a few tools are in place:


1) A managed anti-virus, end-point protection plan.

2) A malware protection platform that scans automatically.

3) A tool to push patches to Windows or Apple computers.

4) Security Awareness program for staff and management.


Companies that implement at least these four tools find that their security improves significantly. Now, to be fair, this is not all that a company needs to implement, but it is the core piece to help protect information from unauthorized hands.


The Critical Update inc. has rolled out a basic, affordable managed cybersecurity solution for business owners and managers who want a “done for you” model. Visit our subscription page to see if it makes sense to implement this at your organization.

Luis Delgado

Luis Delgado


Luis Delgado is a father, husband, community resource, speaker, and entrepreneur who founded The Critical Update, inc (TCUINC) in 2003. TCUINC is a business and technology consulting firm that has evolved from basic computer support to affordable technology consulting, network management, outsourced IT and cybersecurity. Our clients are from every industry in Central Texas - for profit and not for profit.

Luis is focused on helping business owners create more jobs for Texas families by addressing compliance and productivity needs.