Employees may not be telling you about security issues…and that should send shivers down your spine.

Based on an article posted on July 31, 2017 (http://associationsnow.com/2017/07/monday-buzz-employees-create-cybersecurity-risks/) a survey shows that 46% of incidents in the last year were due to careless or uninformed staff. On top of that 40% of businesses worldwide have employees who hide incidents in order to avoid punishment. What this means to your business is that not only are employees compromising your network, but they are afraid to let you know, which leaves the vulnerability open to create even more damage.

So what can you do as the leader in your organization? Encourage communication! One of the conversations that I always have with future members of our staff is that I am OK with mistakes AS LONG AS they can walk me through their thought process. This opens the communication lines and allows me to work with them to prevent future incidents. Everything is a learning experience and if I am able to empower future staff to know that mistakes are OK (within reason, of course), I can then train them on protecting client information and business practices. In the end, everybody wins.

Creating a culture where your staff is empowered to let you know when something goes wrong can be the difference between a small issue vs. a massive breach that can shut down your business.

If you want to start training your staff and empower them to protect your client’s information, check out http://tinyurl.com/TrainTCUINC for a quick video on a tool that is inexpensive and effective.

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Luis Delgado

Luis Delgado


Luis Delgado is a father, husband, community resource, speaker, and entrepreneur who founded The Critical Update, inc (TCUINC) in 2003. TCUINC is a business and technology consulting firm that has evolved from basic computer support to affordable technology consulting, network management, outsourced IT and cybersecurity. Our clients are from every industry in Central Texas - for profit and not for profit.

Luis is focused on helping business owners create more jobs for Texas families by addressing compliance and productivity needs.