Do you know the importance of having good relationships with trusted experts?

e04a1c42edb874025e51484de5551624Small businesses owners wear many hats and are stretched in many directions. It is extremely important to have a good attorney, CPA, bookkeeper, and a technology consultant. These experts can make business owners breathe easier and enjoy success.

At The Critical Update Inc. we offer affordable IT services, computer help, network management, network maintenance help and support, data backup support and other services to help you use technology to improve your business.

We focus on building long term relationships and delivering affordable solutions that will help pay for our services. We have also prevented some clients from spending thousands of dollars on technology that promised more than it would deliver and have leveraged our resources to help clients get better services from other vendors.

Assess Needs, Document, Implement, Optimize, and Manage.

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Our approach is different than other IT consulting and support companies. First, we assess your network needs and meet with you to determine what is most important to your business. Second, we help you document your network. Third, we propose a solution and IT strategy to improve the way you use technology. Finally, we implement the steps proposed and manage your network. Once we stabilize your network, we put it on cruise control and help you find opportunities where new technologies can benefit your business.

This approach has been improved and proven. Over the past five years many of our clients have increased productivity and continued to grow in tough economic times. We are proud to say that for many of our clients, we have paid for ourselves by increasing their productivity and profitability. Some of our clients have been with us since 2003 and continue to refer and enjoy the benefits of having a trusted IT provider.

Who is a good fit for our company?

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We care about the people we serve. The services we provide are aimed at building long term, fruitful relationships.

We are looking for business owners or office managers who would like to have access to a network of technology resources that can save them time and money.

Fill out the Contact Form or call us at 512-336-2970 to see how we can be of service.