Marc @ Gorilla Marketing

“Luis Delgado is truly unique in the world of IT consultants. Not only does he possess a high degree of technical expertise, but he excels at giving the best service at a great value. Luis could have easily recommended a more costly solution to my problem, but his honesty and credibility is of the highest degree. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone in need of an efficient problem solver who you can trust to deliver great results at a great value. When it comes to IT, you shouldn’t have to worry if you are getting substandard work, and with Luis, you never have to. Marc Maggard CEO Gorilla Mobile Marketing” August 15, 2008

Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , High Integrity

Marc – Gorrilla Marketing

Bonnie – Austin area resident

I was thrilled with the fact that this gentleman was willing to fix my problem on the phone rather than require a home visit so he could charge more. The phone rang a long time before being answered and at first I had a hard time understanding the gentleman but he was very knowledgeable and obviously not “money hungry”. When I asked how much I owed him he said “Just tell 3 other people about me”. Such a pleasant surprise in today’s world!!
Bonnie – Austin area resident

Linda – Education Foundation

“Luis Delgado with The Critical Update is a very personal, yet business-focused individual. He has an extreme talent for working with people and is certainly at the top of his game in the industry. I would highly recommend as a player on any team striving for high level of success. Luis is knowledgeable about the industry and quick to respond to your needs. I look forward to continuing business with him.” October 1, 2008

Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , On Time

Linda – Education Foundation

Ashley – Environmental Consulting Company

“Luis and his team came into a situation where my company was disgruntled with an under performing service provider. He patiently addressed our problems, created a good backup solution, and gave us a reasonable proposal for monthly backup maintenance and on-call IT services. I would strongly recommend him, especially for a smaller firm (like mine).”

Ashley – Environmental Consulting Company


“Exceeded my expectations. Jeremy was bright, articulate, pleasant, professional, punctual and a terrific value. We ran into many problems which he evaluated and resolved expertly. I got a huge amount of piece of mind for the cost.”
Paul – Austin area resident

DMS & Associates, Inc.

dmslogoLuis and his team are the experts I think of when we have technology issues. I never doubt that I am getting the finest advice at the very best price. Luis and The Critical Update bring deliver multiples of value for the price of their services.  October 13, 2008

Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , High Integrity

Kimberlee – DMS and Associates Inc., CPA and virtual accounting

Patrick – Home PC Network

“I was very pleased with 2 jobs completed by the Critical Update. They fixed a home networking problem and replaced a hard drive on a laptop. I was pleased with their rapid response to my phone call, their timely repair and their extra advice about the repair. I think the pricing for the work completed was fair.”

Patrick – Austin are resident

Visiting Angels

I confirm 100% that you are on the right track and that your service is a vital and effective tool for all of us who do not do well with computers. You have made our life at Visiting Angels much more efficient and we cherish the times when all we have to do is yell “HELP” and you are there.

Arvie P- Home Health Care provider

John B- TriStar Commercial

“Luis and The Critical Update have come to our office and repaired several issues. He has also reloaded 2 PC’s and built me a media center machine that works great for playing Netflix and other online movie sites directly to my TV. Luis has gone above and beyond in the work he has done for me and my company TriStar Commercial LLC.”

John B – TriStar Commercial LLC, Home and Commercial Security Company

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